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DeOnlineDrogist is a 24-hour online pharmacy in the Netherlands. It was launched in 2008 and is listed in the Dutch Top 100 E-commerce List. It has been awarded the Dutch National Authority Quality Supervision Certification, the Dutch DIMI Medical Document Certification, and the online pharmacy has been a finalist in the Dutch National Quality Store for 7 consecutive years. , Netherlands Trustpilot authoritative evaluation of customer satisfaction survey five-star evaluation. Main maternal and child supplies, health supplies, daily necessities, beauty skin care, over-the-counter drugs. In order to better present the Dutch quality products to Chinese customers and provide high quality and convenient Chinese customer service, DeOnlineDrogist Online Pharmacy Chinese official website (hereinafter referred to as DOD) opened the official website of China in August 2017, direct mail to China. The Chinese and Dutch stations have synchronized product information, and product translation is gradually being carried out. The product category is constantly expanding to meet the needs of various groups of people.

DOD China:

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